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Providence, RI – Owen O’Connor managed to find his dream car at the Providence Car Show last month – The following is an excerpt from the excellent car blog on the Wheelocks Auto Group website:

The Chiron is an all-new design. Although, overall similar to the Veyron, the entire platform has been re-engineering to squeeze even more performance out of an already insanely-fast vehicle. With an all-new carbon fiber chassis it goes even further with weight savings. However, that is negated by the fact that it’s slightly larger than the Veyron by inches, in height, width, oh.. and there’s almost 500 more horsepower. The net of this is a car weighing approximately 340 more lbs. and reaching a max of 261 mph. That’s only three mph more than the fastest Veyron. At these aerodynamic extremes, where every surface matters, from body shape, to inlets, to tire contact with the ground, there is a limit to how much faster you can make a beast like this, without putting wings on it and getting it into the air proper. Speaking of aerodynamics, the Chiron has  a  coefficient of drag between 0.35 to 0.40 depending upon what driving mode you’re in. This pops up to 0.59 when the air brake is deployed. (Any car that comes with it’s own active air brake, is just cool damnit)

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